Product description

Technodrives is a Transdrive Company. A comprehensive range of standard permanent magnet and shunt wound DC motors manufactured in accordance with IEC standards, and are available in outputs from 0.18kW to 11kW.

The entire range is characterised by a high degree of flexibility with motors being quickly adapted with brakes, tachogenerators, and independent forced cooling or with a combination of these items. Standard motors are available ex-stock with options having a lead-time of a few hours. If required, development of completely new motors to customer specifications is possible, with small batch sizes and short lead times.

Technodrives 0.75kW 3000rpm CR/1619FU 180 DC Motor Specification:

  • Ref CR/1619FU
  • Power 0.75kW (kilowatts)
  • 3000rpm Revolutions per minute (rpm)
  • Foot and Flange Mounted (B35) Feet are cast onto body and not removable
  • 1600 Series Permanent Magnet type
  • Frame size CM71L (71 is the dimension of 71mm when sat on its feet to the centre of the shaft)
  • 14mm diameter shaft
  • Speed range 20:1 against constant torque
  • 180 Va (volts armature)
  • 4.8 IA (current amps)
  • Oil Seal fitted to Flange, enables coupling to oil filled gearbox
  • This motor is suitable for use with 1-phase half-controlled thyristor DC drive

Options Available for the Technodrives 0.75kW 3000rpm DC Motor:

  • Supply and fit 20V/1000rpm DC tachogenerator
  • Supply and fit 30V/1000rpm AC rectified tachogenerator
  • IC0416 forced ventilation
  • Supply and fit 205VDC brake

Please note all the above options increase the length of the motor this is due to an extended non-drive end shaft and the motor offered above is not suitable to retrofit a tachogenerator or brake but a forced vent can be fitted.

Foot Mounted (B3) C Face with feet (B34) Please call for option prices.

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