Product description

INTORQ BFK458, Size 18, Type N Fixed Torque, 150Nm, 103v, Pilot Bore, Spring Applied Brake with Friction Plate

This modular system forms the basis of a product programme that can be adapted to suit practically any application.

The BFK458 spring-operated brake is a standard product that can be used anywhere, but its modular design means it can also be used for special applications.

Its versatility is its strength.

This particular brake from Lenze comprises of:

103v Stator, Pilot Bore Hub, Metal Rotor, Thin Friction Plate, and Long Assembly Kit.


  • Braking torque: 150Nm
  • DC voltages: 103v
  • Thermal class F (155 °C)
  • Preset air gap
  • Braking torque can be reduced (Type E)
  • Long rotor/hub guide with low rate of wear
  • Manual release (Please call for details)
  • Replaces the previous 14.448. series
  • Some spares are interchangeable (Please call for details)

Application areas:

Brake motors, cranes, warehousing, wood working machines, industrial trucks, stage machinery, vehicles for the disabled and escalators.

If your application requires a different bore size, please call us, as we carry a variety of bored hubs in stock.