Product Information Page

Proxidrive AC Inverter

New from Leroy Somer a IP66 - Nema 4X AC Drive that is wall mountable, fully specified and priced to sell. This new drive has just arrived in the UK and Transdrive is first to stock the drive.

How often have you thought it would be convenient to mount the drive on the machine or on the wall nearby without the need or the expense of a  control cabinet or maybe you have found a competitors IP66 product that looks promising only to discover its priced at 2 or 3 times the price of a standard drive and not economic to make the change.

Key Features

  • 3PH - 380/480V - 60/60HZ and 3PH - 208/240V - 60/60HZ
  • 0.75kw - 7.5kw 380/480V
  • 0.37kw - 4.0kw 208/240V
  • Sealed Enclosure IP66 - Nema 4X Variable Speed Drive
  • Option of Push Buttons instead of Speed Pot
  • Robust
  • Wash Down Duty
  • Eliminate Cabinet
  • Decentralise drives "next to motors"
  • Simplify Cabling
  • Built in EMC Filter up to 4Kw
  • PLC Features
  • Inputs/Outputs up to 20 programmable analogue and digital
  • Field bus connectivity
  • Motor Brake Control
  • High Performance open loop vector V to F control
  • Closed loop vector control via optional encoder feedback module
  • Easy Set Up via auto-tuning
  • 12 preset parameter configurations
  • Optional Commissioning software