Product description

The Sprint Electric DC Drive 34kW SLE34 specifically designed at a cost and size to benefit todays OEMS, and yet without any compromise in specification, reliability or performance.

The low cost SLE34 drive is the perfect complement to Sprint's PL/X range of digital dc drives, and offers OEMs and machine builders a value for money alternative for simple drive applications that do not require the sophistication and multiple software blocks of the PL/X range.

Available in four models from 14KW to 44KW, the SLE34 is ideally suited to those applications where field weakening is not required. Its compact footprint (290mm x 215mm) enables additional savings and ensures easy integration within new designs or trouble free installation when retrofitting.

Key Features of the Sprint Electric SLE34 34kW 82A DC Drive

  • Torque control input for basic winding or tension control, with overspeed limiting
  • Numerous Alarms for enhanced drive and motor protection


  • 290 x 215 x 155 mm, 11.5" x 8.5 " x 6.1"


  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Max motor speed
  • Min motor speed
  • Max motor current
  • IR compensation
  • Stability
  • Jog speed
  • Isolated control electronics for easy connection to other drives/equipment.
  • Enhanced armature voltage range reduces motor cost
  • Configurable field bridge for easy motor field voltage matching
  • Extremely compact size, saves panel space and makes for easy retrofitting
  • Zero reference interlock facility ideal for extruder applications
  • Start / Run & Ref inputs for simple control.
  • 8 additional analogue I/O for more complex systems
  • 150% overload for 30 secs
  • Tacho or AVF feedback