Product description

This model has regenerative stopping capability as standard

The Sprint Electric SL40 2 Quadrant model is compact, reliable and efficient dc motor controller.

With fully isolated control electronics and a wealth of I/O, the Sprint Electric SL40 is easy for you to integrate with other drives and equipment.

To allow you greater control of high motor speed applications, the Sprint SL40 has a built-in field weakener for extended speed range.

At a glance: Model SL40 DC Drive

  • Control DC motors up to 96A - 40kW
  • 2 Quadrant SL
  • Compact size saves panel space and makes for easy retrofitting
  • Numerous alarms for enhanced drive and motor protection
  • Adjustable field output for easy motor matching
  • Automatic economy field mode protects motors in cold climates
  • Isolated control electronics for easy integration

Technical highlights: Sprint Electric SL40

  • Built in field weakener for extended speed range
  • Extra 50% peak torque for rapid acceleration or shock loads
  • Many additional input and output signals, ideal for system applications
  • Field current input for constant horsepower applications
  • Output signals for easy display of motor speed and load
  • Zero reference interlock facility ideal for extruder applications
  • High accuracy armature Voltage feedback mode eliminates the need for additional tachogenerator in most applications
  • 240v to 480v 50/60HZ ac operation
  • Torque control input for basic winding or tension control, with overspeed limiting
  • PLC compatible input and output signals
  • Delayed field quench for secure emergency stopping