Product description

The Sprint Electric 800 is a compact DC drive unit designed to save you time and money when upgrading your DC motor control system. Switch selection of key drive functions make the 400 quick to install and easy to use.

You can accurately control your DC motor in one direction of rotation.

At a glance: Sprint 800 DC Drive

  • Sprint 800 controller for DC motors rated up to 8A ()
  • Easily interfaced with armature reversing unit
  • Compact DC drive
  • Suitable for permanent magnet, shunt wound or universal motors
  • 16 x 16 x 21 H x W x D

Technical highlights: Sprint 800 DC Controller

  • Extra 50% peak torque for rapid acceleration or shock loads
  • Many additional input and output signals
  • Motor overload output
  • Output signals for easy display of motor speed and load
  • 4-20mA and 0-20mA loop input option as standard
  • Torque control input for basic winding or tension control
  • Switch selectable Tachogenerator or Armature voltage feedback
  • Adjustable IR compensation for improved AVF speed regulation
  • Zero reference interlock facility Sophisticated dual loop control