Product description

The Sprint Electric 3200i/16 DC Drive has easy to access control terminals, extensive features and I/O make this range of DC motor controllers an industry standard.

With line-to-line or line-to-neutral operation, you can use this controller in a wide range of motor control applications. You can also integrate this motor controller with other drives and electrical equipment. The 3200i is a fully isolated DC motor controller.

At a glance: Sprint 3200i/16 DC Drive

  • Sprint 3200i/16 controller for DC motors rated up to 16A (4kW)
  • Fully isolated controller
  • 11 x 19 x 26 H x W x D
  • Numerous inputs and outputs for complex system applications

Other features

  • Over speed limit
  • Over torque limit
  • Inverse time overload
  • 50% stall threshold
  • Phase angle clamp
  • Precision Reference
  • Precision tachogenerator rectifier

Technical highlights: Sprint 3200i/16 DC Controller

  • Torque control input for basic winding or tension control, with overspeed limiting
  • Switch selectable Tach or Armature voltage feedback
  • Volt free change over contacts for zero speed and/or stall
  • PLC compatible input and output signals
  • Extra 50% peak torque for 30secs prior to stall trip operation
  • On board relay indicates zero speed and/or motor overload

Signal Inputs

  • Speed
  • Torque
  • Auxiliary speed inputs +ve and -ve
  • 4-20mA and 0-20mA
  • Drive run
  • Tachogenerator

Signal Outputs

  • Speed
  • Current
  • Setpoint ramp
  • Total demand
  • Zero speed and stall relay driver
  • +/-12 +/- 24v rails