Product description

Mentor MP, the ultimate DC drive

25A to 7400A, 400V / 575V / 690V

Mentor MP is Control Techniques 5th generation DC drive and integrates the control platform from the world’s leading intelligent AC drive, Unidrive SP. This makes the Mentor MP the most advanced DC drive available, giving optimum performance and flexible system interfacing capability.

Specification for the Mentor MP700A4 DC Controller

  • Power: 300kW
  • Armature Current: 700A
  • Model No.: MP700A4
  • Type: Digital DC Controller
  • Phase: Three Phase
  • Quadrant: 2 Quadrant
  • Dimensions WxHxD: 0 x 0 x 0

Upgrading your control system

There are large numbers of DC motors in service throughout the world in various applications, the majority of which are easily capable of providing ongoing service and Transdrive are DC Drive specialists in upgrading your DC drive from old analogue technology to Mentor MP digital technology that allows you to maximise the motor performance, enhance system reliability and interface digitally with modern control equipment using Ethernet and Fieldbus networks. Downtime is minimised as only the drive needs to be replaced.

Driving forward with DC technology

DC drive digital technology remains cost effective, efficient and is relatively simple to implement. For new applications DC provides many advantages, especially for regenerative and high power applications.

Simple upgrade

Mentor MP has been engineered as an easy replacement for Mentor II. It has the same physical dimensions and connection layout. Software tools have been developed to easily migrate to the new platform.

Mentor MP set-up, configuration and monitoring

Setting the Mentor MP parameters is quick and easy. The drives can be configured using the removable keypad, the Smartcard or a PC. The auto tune and easy parameter-setting functions ensure that the best performance is obtained by measuring the motor and machine characteristics and automatically optimising the control parameters. Existing Mentor ll users benefit from our free migration wizard software.

PC software and Smartcard tools for rapid commissioning

Control Techniques’ software suite makes it easier to access the drive’s full feature set. It allows you to optimize the drive tuning, back-up the configuration and set-up a communications network. The software tools can connect using Ethernet, Serial, USB or Control Techniques drive-todrive network, CTNet. Migration tools make the process of transferring parameter sets from Mentor II to Mentor MP a simple process. Please Call for further details.

User interface options

Mentor MP offers the choice between two keypads to meet the needs of your application.


Extra-bright LED display, hot pluggable.


Multilingual backlit LCD display, hot pluggable, plain text (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.) The display can be customised with specific text.

Smartcard: memory provided with each Mentor MP.

  • Storage and backup of parameter sets.
  • Parameters can be copied from one drive to another.
  • Backup automation programs.
  • Quick configuration for sequential application building.
  • Program availability.

Greater motor field control

Every Mentor MP has a motor field controller as standard which gives excellent field control for the majority of DC motors. However, for the following situations, the optional FXMP25 external field controller is recommended:

  • The required field current is greater than that offered by the standard drive, up to 25A for example, older motors with low field voltages.
  • The field is required to be forced down more quickly than is possible with a standard half controlled field bridge. For example, on spindle motors or motors with high field time constants where the field is required to weaken more quickly than the natural time constant of the field winding.
  • Applications can be implemented with simple field current reversal, without armature reversal. For example, applications where a rapid change in torque direction is not required. With the Mentor MP it is possible to implement a four quadrant system with a two quadrant armature converter where a slow change in torque direction can be tolerated.

FXMP5 - External motor field controller

The FXMP25 may be controlled digitally by the Mentor MP using a standard RJ45 connection, allowing set-up by standard drive parameters. The FXMP25 can also function in standalone mode using its integrated keypad and display. For older motors, with very low field voltages and field currents greater than 25A, the Mentor MP itself has a field mode, allowing it to be implemented as a field controller with no additional components.

Add the extra features you need

Click-in option modules allow you to customise the drive to suit your needs. 18 different options are available including Fieldbus, Ethernet, I/O, extra feedback devices and programmable automation controllers

Control Techniques Mentor MP DC drives and Leroy Somer DC motors offer a total Emerson solution.

  • DC Motor Power rating from 4.7kW to 750kW
  • Frame size 112 to 355
  • IP23S drip proof
  • S1 duty
  • PTC thermistors
  • IC06 forced vent cooling with standard polyester filter
  • Forced vent mounted top
  • Class H insulation
  • 3-phase full bridge supply
  • Option Terminal box in any position
  • Option Tacho type Radio-Energie REO444
  • Option Incremental and absolute encoders

Leroy Somer and Control Techniques are Emerson Industrial Automation Companies.

Mentor MP Features:

Models available for two or four quadrant (regenerative) operation

Modular serial and parallel connection for higher power motor operation

12/24 pulse operation to minimise harmonics

Integrated drive and motor protection for:

  • Over current
  • Over Voltage
  • Over temperature
  • Phase loss
  • Thyristor junction temperature
  • Feedback loss
  • Field loss
  • Armature open circuit

3 Universal option module slots, allowing Mentor MP to benefit from the solutions developed for Control Techniques market leading AC drive technology. Each option slot allows:

  • High performance PLC and motion control
  • Ethernet and Fieldbus communications
  • Connectivity to additional feedback devices
  • Additional I/O

Galvanically isolated control

Open loop control using estimated speed based on armature voltage and field flux

Closed loop control using

  • Tacho-generator feedback for connection to traditional DC motors
  • Incremental encoder feedback for higher accuracy and position control
  • Optional SinCos, SSI, Hiperface and EnDAT connectivity for high performance applications