Product Information Page

Clutches and brakes are used to start, stop, or hold loads. Warner Electric offers six different groups of clutch/brake products, along with complementary accessories to meet a broad range of starting, stopping and holding requirements. This product offering includes the following:

  • Electrically Released Brakes - Transdrive is the Specialist Stocking Distributor for this product – Warner Electric offers a variety of electrically released brakes for performing stopping and holding functions in cycling applications as well as emergency situations. Both shaft mounted and IEC B5/B14 compatible units are available for shaft, foot or motor mounting.
  • Packaged - These are clutch and brake module products with IEC B5/B14 compatible mountings for shaft, foot or motor mounting. Products are available as completely assembled packages or in modular form for customer assembly into clutches, brakes or clutch/brake units.
  • Packaged Shaft and Foot Mounted - These are shaft or foot mounted, electric, permanent magnet and magnetic particle clutches and brakes, which are all factory assembled for ease of installation
  • Basic Clutches & Brakes - Basic clutches and brakes are customer configured and customer assembled to form clutches, brakes, clutch couplings, clutch/brakes, clutch/brake couplings or motor brakes.
  • Tension Clutches & Brakes - Warner Electric offers a wide range of clutches and brakes – electric, pneumatic, permanent magnet and magnetic particle units – for light to heavy duty tensioning applications.
  • Wrap Spring Clutches & Clutches / Brakes - These are well suited for performing indexing, positioning and backstopping functions. Wrap Spring  units provide a high torque-to-size ratio and are offered as mechanically or electrically actuated units.

Warner Electric also offers a broad variety of Clutch/Brake Controls and Accessories to maximize performance and productivity of your clutches and brakes.