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Variable speed drives for tough conditions

The SMV IP65 frequency inverters are sensorless vector variable speed drives in a power range 0.37 to 22kW suitable for mounting in wet of dirty areas without a panel. SMV IP65 can be wall mounted in dusty, dirty and damp environments, even with low pressure jets, saving panel space and cost.

Big savings on installation: With a built in RFI filter, the SMV IP65 inverter can be positioned close to the motor which cuts the cost of shielded motor cables. Choose the version with integrated isolator to simplify your external connections.

Big performance: The SMV IP65 is a modern sensorless vector inverter with 200% overload capacity, a wide range of supply and fieldbus options, and excellent I/O.

Big advantages of easy handling: The SMV IP65 inverters integrate the EPM memory module - a simple plug in chip that stores all the drive settings. The EPM module can be programmed off-line and the settings transferred from drive to drive in seconds. In the unlikely event that a drive fails, the EPM guarantees you minimum downtime. Drives meet NEMA4 and RoHS standards.

SMV IP65 inverter

  • 240V ac 1 phase supply, 3 phase output 0.37 to 2.2kW
  • 400-480V ac 3 phase supply 0.37 to 22kW
  • 120V ac 1 phase supply with voltage doubler 3 phase output 0.37 to 1.1kW
  • on request models for 240V 3 phase input up to 7.5kW and 600V supply

All the options you need

  • integrated and lockable isolator allows safe maintenance
  • plug-in communication modules for CANopen, PROFIBUS, Device Net, RS232/485
  • polycarbonate casings with UV resistance for outdoor use
  • Hand held programmer for the EPM memory chip
  • dynamic brake units for the 3-phase models

Do you need variable speed control of your motors? The answer is yes if you need control of a process, and yes if you can turn down speed to match demand. This can give you big savings in energy costs. Often a fixed speed is the wrong speed, and a frequency inverter is the answer.

Installation costs then come into play. The SMV IP65 inverters keep these under control. No extra panel space is needed. Cabling and connection costs are reduced. Easy handling keep your engineering time to a minimum. SMV IP65 inverters are used worldwide in highly varied applications - see our application examples and case study links.