Comln Tec PR-V Torque Limiter24 May 2016

Image of Comln Tec PR-V Torque Limiter

Do you have machines that need safety torque limiting, but you cannot do it because:-

  • The gearbox output torque is so high that torque limiters are un-economic?
  • Or there is simply no space to fit a limiter on the output shaft?

Then we have a new solution for you - the ComInTec PR-V

Mounting between the motor and the gearbox, the PR-V range of torque limiters reduces the limiting torque by a factor equal to the gear ratio.

  • The PR-V is specially designed to work with efficient gearboxes such as helical and bevel types.
  • There are 6 sizes for torques 3 to 720Nm, motor frames 63 to 180.
  • The PR-V is ultra-senstive and fast acting thanks to disc springs with a negative rate.
  • Easy to use with pre-set torque, standard flange mounting, IP67 protection and integrated proximity sensor.

Now you can protect your machines from damaging high torque overloads


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