The New Lenze I500 Inverter23 Mar 2016

Image of The New Lenze I500 Inverter

New i500 inverters have Ethernet comms

The New Lenze i500 inverter series stands out from similar drives on the market due to its compactness, modularity and exceptional usability. The advanced technology it incorporates means that it can meet the needs of the future and it has certification for use practically anywhere in the world.

To ensure speedy and problem-free communication at all times, they have optional real-time Ethernet-based bus systems, i.e. EtherCAT, PROFINET and ETHERNET/IP. These bus options are available for the i550 models with powers from 0.25 to 45kW in the form of a plug-in control unit, complete with I/O and a diagnostic interface.

Lenze I500 PDF


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