Flexible Brake Motors18 May 2016

Image of Flexible Brake Motors

Flexible brake motors cater for 80% of global power supplies

Emerson Industrial Automation has announced a range of “flexible” brake motors with an extensive range of options associated with safety and variable speed.  The Leroy Somer FFB motors come in five frame sizes (71-160) and cover braking torques from 4.5-200Nm.  There is a choice of 20V or 180V DC brake coils.

The robust motors are based on Leroy Somer’s IMfinity induction motors are suitable for most fixed-or variable-speed applications.  They are sized for dynamic braking, and offer failsafe operation.  All friction parts are run in as standard, and braking accessories are available for opening, closing and sensing wear.  Noise levels are controlled both for engagement and for pick-up.

The multi-voltage (230/380/400/415/460V), dial-frequency (50/60Hz) motors are suitable for 80% of the world’s power supplies.  They are available in non-IE, IE2 and IE3 efficiency levels.  Power supplies can be built in or fed via a rectifier in the terminal box.

Emerson Flexible Brake Motors PDF


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